5-Star Review on Google My Business by Jess D

5-Star Law Firm Review - Renton, WA - Google My Business Jess D
I've worked with Theresa a number of times over the past 3 years for different matters including reviewing my employee contract, creating a partnership agreement, and working on my commercial lease agreement. Her front desk is very professional, has always contacted me in a timely manner, and has been upfront about fees before providing a service. I really appreciate Theresa's thoroughness during consultations. With each appointment, Theresa has provided me with a lot of insight on my concerns and has helped determine the best course of action for the matter at hand.
- Jess D (Google My Business)
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5-Star Review on Google My Business by Adnan Kaddah

5-Star Law Firm Review - Renton, WA - Google My Business Adnan Kaddah
I first met Theresa and her team back in 2016. My son had purchased a business and unfortunately discovered a lot of misrepresentation with earnings, long story short with Theresa's guidance we were able to get back 33% of the purchase price without ever having to go to court. Couldn't have asked for a better result and an easier team to work with. After that initial experience and the past 4 years, we've seen Theresa for any and all of our legal needs ranging from due diligence, power of attorney, will's, contract reviews, pre purchase agreement reviews, and general legal advise.
- Adnan Kaddah (Google My Business)
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5-Star Review on Google My Business by Thao Pham

5-Star Law Firm Review - Renton, WA - Google My Business Thao Pham
Focused on providing a great client experience as the people in this firm. My experience with Jacob, Ruth and Theresa were very pleasant as they handle everything very professional and helpful through the entire process. Overall great experience! I recommended Law office of Theresa Nguyen 100%.
- Thao Pham (Google My Business)
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Welcome to the Team, Gian Tran!

Gian Tran - Legal Assistant - Law Office of Theresa Nguyen, PLLC

Welcome to the Team, Gian Tran! We are happy to announce that Gian will be joining our legal team as a Legal Assistant.  Her diligence, thoroughness and commitment to success are much desired attributes and it will be much needed as we continue to work towards providing our clients with the utmost professionalism and quality of work.

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5-Star Review on Google My Business by Joe Do

5-Star Law Firm Review - Renton, WA - Google My Business Joe Do
Theresa is very pleased to work with. She listen to you carefully and then asks the right questions. Even though I only paid for a consultation, Theresa went above and beyond by drafting an email and sent it on my behalf. She also helped corrected one of my emails so I can send it out professionally. I highly recommend Theresa.
- Joe Do (Google My Business)
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5-Star Review on Google My Business by Marivic

5-Star Law Firm Review - Renton, WA - Google My Business Marivic
Attorney Nguyen ,I want to say Thank you so much for your service, very much appreciated ,she has made such a positive impact in my life, I was impressed the whole team too, The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating and knowledgeable, is above and beyond, I will definitely recommend you to my whole family's and Friends. Again a million thanks to you !!!
- Marivic (Google My Business)
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5-Star Review on Google My Business by Mark Merris

5-Star Law Firm Review - Renton, WA - Google My Business Mark Merris
I needed a lawyer quickly that wasn't going to try and squeeze me for all I'm worth. This team responded very quickly whereas other firms weren't responding at all. They were compassionate, understanding and clear. They quickly created a plan and followed through letting me weigh my options and know possible outcomes. They worked hard at keeping my costs in balance and worked with me without using legalese to confuse but explained everything. They are a wonderful group I will definitely recommend and utilize again should the need arise.
- Mark Merris (Google My Business)
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5-Star Review on Google My Business by Wade Webster

5-Star Law Firm Review - Renton, WA - Google My Business Wade Webster
This firm is the best, when the whole world was in an epidemic, she was the person that my wife and I would recommend to all, I personally want to Thank her and congratulate her a job that she did for us, She handle the situation with great professionalism and above all, when we were so stressed and she had a good felling about her that after talking with her I can somehow make you fell better, Thank you so very much .
- Wade Webster (Google My Business)
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5-Star Review on Google My Business by Dijesh T K

5-Star Law Firm Review - Renton, WA - Google My Business Dijesh T K
They are so efficient and friendly service
- Dijesh T K (Google My Business)
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Looking Back on the Past 4 Amazing Years!


Theresa Nguyen is living the most cliche lawyer dream - the dream of being the underdog fighting for her client's justice and financial compensation against large law firms defending wrongdoing and winning! Ingrained in her is a determination to make a major impact in other's lives and from this fire the Law Office of Theresa Nguyen, PLLC was forged. It was to stand for justice and doing right by others; the expression of the burning fire in her heart ignited by unnecessary discrimination and injustice in her past. It did not destroy or victimized her. In fact, it empowered her to stand by the truth and fight for justice. The past cannot be undone, so it is the present and future she grasps, taking the experiences life gives her and becoming stronger and more capable. To empower herself and others - it is the foundation of which her law firm stands.

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Welcome to the Team, Cynthia Davis!

Cynthia Davis - Attorney at Law - Law Office of Theresa Nguyen, PLLC

We are proud to welcome Cynthia Davis to our legal team as she shares the same joy making a difference in the lives of fellow community members.  Cynthia left a comfortable career in the entertainment industry with the City of Tacoma with the desire to make more of a positive impact and contribution to others.  She found being an immigration, tax and probate attorney to being her means of doing so.

We're very happy to have her join us and we look forward to the future working alongside her.

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5-Star Review on Google My Business by Tommy

5-Star Law Firm Review - Renton, WA - Google My Business Tommy
I like to began by thanking Theresa, and her entire team at her law firm, I learned a lot about the process of litigating, and that one needs to be or learn how to have patients because the answers do not always come in the time frame that you would like, to me it was long and a hard fight! and I believe it was the same for Theresa and her team they give me strength to say strong and we did prevail, when I saw Theresa photo on her website I saw a honest and caring person, and I am so glad I chose her to represent me in my case when we had set backs I all ways felt that we were still in the game and I when I was down Theresa would remind me that we are still in this game and we we would win! and that there would be a positive outcome thank you so much Theresa and your team sincerely Tommy
- Tommy (Google My Business)
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$3,728,600 in IRS Tax Debts Reduced

$3,718,600 in IRS Tax Debt Relief for Clients of Law Office of Theresa Nguyen, PLLC

At Law Office of Theresa Nguyen, PLLC, our legal team prides itself in being able to create substantial impact and major results for our clients.  We are proud to announce that as of August 24th, 2018, our law firm and tax attorneys helped our clients with IRS back tax debt save $3,728,600 in owed back taxes.

Results like this is the reason why we enjoy the representing individuals and small business owners to help them settle their disputes with the IRS, DOR or LNI.

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5-Star Review on Google My Business by Tom Webb

5-Star Law Firm Review - Renton, WA - Google My Business Tom Webb
I want to thank you all for the expeditious generation of the exclusion letter. Especially considering that I was a new client working with a tight time frame, the response was exceptional. The letter itself was excellent; well written, concise, and referenced. Given the opportunity, I shall certainly recommend your office to anyone needing tax expertise.
- Tom Webb (Google My Business)
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We're the Most Recommended Business in Renton on Alignable!

Most Recommended Business In Renton, WA on Alignable is an online social platform designed to help build trusted relationships and partners among local business owners, thereby becoming immersed within their local business community, and increasing word-of-mouth for their business. Our law firm is built upon that very premise so we were quite receptive to the invite to join the website.  

After a couple weeks of tinkering with our profile, we're proud to announce that we're the 'Most Recommended' business in Renton, WA! There's always a sense of pride and joy that comes from the acknowledgement of our peers. Although this isn't something to throw a banquet over, it's validation that our business values benefit our local community!

Check out our profile!

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We've Moved Our Main Office to the Altitude Business Center!


March 23rd, 2018 was a special day for our team at the Law Office of Theresa Nguyen, PLLC. It was our last day of operation at Triton Towers Three and we all concluded the work day knowing that next week would be the start of a whole new chapter. After several months of planning and preparation, it was the moment we've all been waiting for - to move into our new, bigger and more private office space!

Almost 3 years ago, Theresa decided to take the dive and hang a shingle; it was truly the only way she could have the freedom to help loved ones and control the quality of service she provides. With the help of Regus, which offers serviced office spaces on the 6th floor of Triton Towers Three in Renton, she was able to get started with minimal infrastructure and overhead. They took care of the furniture, networking, printing, phones and many more, allowing Theresa to focus on solving her client's legal issues.

And that she did - providing her clients with results and service that expressed her commitment to her team, clients and community. It was wonderful and Theresa's solid reputation grew stronger with each passing day. Soon, the demand for her services outgrew her staff and office space. We are grateful for the assistance Regus provided yet we were bursting at the seams and needed to accommodate for the growth.

In order to satisfy the demand, we've doubled our in-house staff and relocated our main office - still in Renton and just minutes from our old location! The move was truly a rite of passage for Theresa and her team. As stressful and costly as it was to get an independent, functional office up and running, it was necessary to continue to provide the level of service our clients are used to.

With the help of our team and their families, the move was completed over just one weekend! We're still settling into our beautiful, new office but it's already operational and our core team members are dialed in and focused on client results and service. Come visit us!

Our address is now:

1500 Benson Rd. South
Suite 203
Renton, WA 98055

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What Does an Immigration Attorney Do?

An immigration attorney is a legal professional who specializes in helping individuals navigate the complex and often confusing process of immigrating to a new country. They are responsible for providing guidance, advice, and representation to clients who are seeking to enter or remain in the United States, Canada, or another country.

The role of an immigration attorney begins with the initial consultation. During this meeting, the attorney will meet with the client to discuss their immigration goals and gather any relevant information and documentation. This information will be used to determine the best course of action for the client. Depending on the client's situation, the attorney may suggest a specific visa or immigration program that would be most suitable for them.

Continue reading
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5-Star Review on Google My Business by Bonnie Lake

5-Star Law Firm Review - Renton, WA - Google My Business  Bonnie Lake
Very reliable and knowledgable with case. It has been a pleasure to have her represent us; nothing but smooth sailing. Couldn’t have asked for a better law firm. Highly recommended!
- Bonnie Lake (Google My Business)
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Theresa Nguyen J.D. LL.M. Presents 'Advising the Client with IRS Tax Debt' on Behalf of LawPro CLE

Theresa Nguyen J.D. LL.M. once again joins forces with LawPro CLE, a national continuing legal education company from Covington, to share knowledge and wisdom with her fellow peers. This time, it's to present 'Advising the Client with IRS Tax Debt' in a live broadcast on Friday, December 1st, 2017 at 10:00 am PST or on-demand recording.
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5-Star Review on Google My Business by Brian Nguyen

5-Star Law Firm Review - Renton, WA - Google My Business Brian Nguyen
She is very knowledgeable in her industry. Has heard fantastic feedback from the people I have referred her to.
- Brian Nguyen (Google My Business)
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Our law firm, attorneys & staff are client-focused & results driven.

Probate Attorney Serving Renton, Kent, Des Moines, Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma

"Great to work with, staff is professional and quick to respond"

Caroline - Yelp
Probate Attorney Serving Renton, Kent, Des Moines, Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma

"Great job, quick and easy, taken care of all in one visit"

Thien - Avvo
Probate Attorney Serving Renton, Kent, Des Moines, Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma

"Great with probates, fully trust in her, communicates regularly"

Kim - Google

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