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"I sure wished I would have met Theresa before I hired the lawyers I had. This was a long drawn out case. My previous attorney withdrew from my case two months before the trial. My lawyer advised me to find a contingent lawyer, nobody wanted anything to do with a long complicated case, until I met Theresa. She is not a contingent lawyer but I was very pleased with her help. I had nobody to go to and I was broken. I got down and personal with her, she knew in her heart what I was going through and she took me on as a client even though she was busy with all of her clients, she made time for me. I couldn't have done it without her. Theresa is a kind, sweet, down to earth kind of person. I will never forget her and I will always refer her to all my friends"

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"We went to Theresa Nguyen's law firm for two different matters. One was for tax advice and the other for estate planning. Her firm was very professional and accessible throughout the entire process. She made sure all of our questions were answered. She helped us through a stressful situation and now my family can sleep a little easier. I highly recommend her firm."

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Have Our Office Give You a Call to Schedule a Consultation Regarding Your Legal Matter.


Have Our Office Give You a Call to Schedule a Consultation Regarding Your Legal Matter.

Vietnamese Attorney Serving the 2.2 Million Vietnamese-Americans


Since 1975, at the end of the Vietnam War, the United States of America has seen an enormous influx of people of Vietnamese heritage. Of the Vietnamese immigrants who have migrated from their homeland, over half have chosen the U.S. as their new home. Currently, in the United States, those of Vietnamese heritage make up the fourth largest Asian ethnic group.  According to a 2018 U.S. Census, there is an estimated 2.2 million Vietnamese people residing in America.  With numerous opportunities available in education and employment, the United States continues to be a popular destination for the Vietnamese.

Technological advances have made video conferences the norm and readily available to everyone.  It has allowed us to establish a face-to-face relationship with anyone who requires our assistance yet may not get to due to distance.  We understand that finding the right immigration attorney requires due diligence and communication.  When you reach out to our office, you'll be connecting with an expert immigration lawyer who has helped countless individuals and families reach their immigration goals.


Nationwide Assistance in Immigration Law for All Vietnamese Immigrants


Since the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is a federal agency, we are able to assist clients with immigration issues in every state, regardless of location.  Although we are located in Renton, WA (near Seattle, WA), we are able to help you get your visa, green card or citizenship whether you live in California, Texas, Oregon, New York or any other state in America. 

Immigration Law | Luật Di Trú:

  • Sponsoring/Petitions for Spouse | Bảo Lãnh Vợ Chồng
  • Sponsoring/Petitions for Parents | Bão Lãnh Cha Mẹ
  • Sponsoring/Petitions for Children | Bão Lãnh Con Cái
  • Sponsoring/Petitions for Siblings | Bão Lãnh Anh Chị Em
  • Sponsoring/Petitions for other Family Members | Bão Lãnh Các Thành Viên Khác Trong Gia Đình
  • Naturalization Applications | Điền Đơn Xin Nhập Tịch
  • Citizenship Applications | Điền Đơn Xin Quốc Tịch

Nationwide Assistance in Tax Law for All Vietnamese Taxpayers


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is also a federal agency which requires every U.S. resident, including undocumented immigrants, to pay taxes. If you're dealing with IRS tax liability or tax lien and seeking tax relief, we are able to help. Whether you filed as an individual, jointly or as a business, we are expert tax attorneys with a Vietnamese-speaking staff.

Tax Law (IRS) | Luật Thuế:

  • Installment Agreements | Thỏa Thuận Ttrả Góp
  • Settlements | Thanh Toán

Vietnamese Lawyer (Luat Su)- Law Office of Theresa Nguyen, PLLC - Renton Attorney

Legal Services for the Vietnamese Community in Washington State

For Vietnamese Individuals, Family and Business Owners by Vietnamese Lawyers

Since our office is located in Renton, WA, we are able to provide Washington State residents additional assistance in Real Estate Law, Business Law, Estate Planning and Probate.  So if you're of Vietnamese heritage and prefer to speak in your native language for matters pertaining to buying or selling property, starting and operating a business, getting a will written or trust created or dispersing the estate of a recently deceased loved one, we're here to help.  At Law Office of Theresa Nguyen, PLLC, we have expert Vietnamese lawyers who can guide you down the right path and help make your transition a smooth one.  

Business Law | Luật Di Trú:

  • Opening and Registering a Business | Tư Vấn Về Việc Thành Lập Và Đăng Ký Doanh Nghiệp
  • Advice on Business Taxes | Tư Vấn Về Thuế Kinh Doanh
  • Advice on Business Structure | Tư Vấn Về Cơ Cấu Kinh Doanh
  • Draft Business Contracts | Soạn Thảo Hợp Đồng Kinh Doanh

Real Estate Law | Luật Di Trú:

  • Transfer Property Title | Chuyển Nhượng Quyền Sở Hữu Đất Đai Và Nhà Ở
  • Real Estate Contracts | Soạn Thảo Hợp Đồng Bất Động Sản
  • Real Estate Deeds | Chứng thư bất động sản
  • Real Estate Escrow Advice and Closing | Tư Vấn Và Đóng Ký Quỹ Bất Động Sản
  • Real Estate Documents | Tư Vấn Về Tài Liệu Bất Động Sản

Estate Planning | Luật Di Trú:

  • Wills | Di Chúc
  • Revocable Living Trusts | Tín Thác Có Thể Hủy Ngang/ Thu Hồi Khi Còn Sống
  • Financial Powers of Attorney | Ủy Quyền Tài Chính
  • Medical Powers of Attorney | Ủy Quyền Chăm Sóc Sức Khỏe
  • Living Will | Di Chúc [Cho Lúc Còn] Sống

Vietnamese Lawyers Committed to Your Success

Law Office of Theresa Nguyen, PLLC is a customer service-orientated law office and our legal team is focused on improving lives and shaping powerful relationships. For this reason, our clients feel protected and secure when they put their legal worries & concerns into our hands.  

What to Look for In a Vietnamese Lawyer

Experience in Solving Problems for Vietnamese Community

In any endeavor, those who already walked the path are the best guides.  Our Vietnamese lawyers and staff are well versed in various situations spanning all areas of law that involve Vietnamese people dealing with immigration or taxes, buying and selling real estate in Washington State, starting and operating a small business and managing one's estate.  After all, we were all once ourselves just coming to America or buying our first property or starting our first business.  We've walked the path and it's an honor to turn around and help our fellow Vietnamese community walk the same path to success.


Seamless Communication in Vietnamese & English

Communication and correct translation is of the utmost importance when it comes to bridging the language barrier and working with U.S. government agencies. When working with Law Office of Theresa Nguyen, PLLC, you will have multiple contacts and staff members to assist who are fluent in both languages to ensure that nothing is lost in translation.


Attorney and Legal Team Are Easily Accessible

Often times throughout the legal process, you will have several questions and concerns that arise. The best way to find reassurance and peace of mind is to reach out and consult your attorney and have them approach the issue with transparency and honesty.

Our team is customer service-orientated so we committed to being available to you and walking alongside you where ever the journey may take us.


Mutual Respect Between Lawyer and Client

Any relationship, especially that of an attorney-client relationship, can only thrive and succeed at providing client results by both parties having a mutual respect and understanding for one another. When this is established, we are able to best achieve our goals of establishing your new life and legacy in the United States.


Lawyer is Empathic Towards Your Situation

The Vietnamese community is a strong one built on deeply rooted relationships and a willingness to help each other. We have an intrinsic yearning to see each other succeed and take pride in our nationality. That why as an ethnic group, we are rising on the social-economic scale.

Put your trust in a lawyer who truly cares about you as a person and helping you reach your goals.

Our law firm, attorneys & staff are client-focused & results driven.

Probate Attorney Serving Renton, Kent, Des Moines, Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma

"Great to work with, staff is professional and quick to respond"

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Probate Attorney Serving Renton, Kent, Des Moines, Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma

"Great job, quick and easy, taken care of all in one visit"

Thien - Avvo
Probate Attorney Serving Renton, Kent, Des Moines, Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma

"Great with probates, fully trust in her, communicates regularly"

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